Connecting through media

We have over 20 websites, which all have their own unique audience. Each website is maintained by a top-notch team of brand strategists, copywriters and content managers, to ensure our readers get the most up to date content from all over the world.
We’re a dedicated team of A-players that strives for excellence, in everything we do.
We’re constantly focussed on growing our brands, as well as on personal growth.
We strongly believe in freedom. Freedom helps us to create the most inspiring media.
Everything we publish is in synergy with our mission to entertain and inspire people.
Powered by a dedicated team of A-players, we deliver engaging content for the whole world to read. Our content is shared and divided over more than 20 platforms, each with its own unique audience. On a monthly basis, we entertain an audience of over 100 million people.

Mission & Vision

The internet has given us the possibility to connect with each other even if we are a thousand miles away from one another. We want to connect you with the rest of the world through our unique media solutions
We want to inspire people and facilitate in becoming their best selves. Our media is meant to inspire you, to make you feel good and to make you want to share it with like-minded people.

Internal Policy

We have an always evolving internal policy to ensure we present content of the highest quality possible. Our ‘Head of Quality Control’ always ensures we stay within the guidelines of our internal policy as well as the policies of the partners we work with.
Team Members
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